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I really need to watch this child more closely. crazy

Indeed you do, Tofu! smile

Your post reminded me of a funny/scary moment when my DS was a few months off his 3rd birthday. This particular day he asked to use the computer I told him he could only play for about 15 minutes as I needed to do some banking. When I came back into the office, DS ruefully informed me that he was sorry he couldn't help me more but he just couldn't remember the numbers. My attention was then drawn to the fact that he had my bank login page up, had correctly typed all characters of my customer number, and had entered most of the password! The latter apparently had stumped him because he was typing by memory of where my fingers went (touch typing)... Never a dull moment with these kids wink

Very proud of DS this week - He randomly decided that he wanted to learn to jump rope and... has practiced for an hour or more every afternoon! He has set a goal of 20 jumps in row without catching the rope and is determined to get there. DH and I are thrilled for our little perfectionist, as he is persevering with this and has not had one tantrum about it being too hard. It's been an absolute pleasure to watch and encourage his effort smile