Haha, that's brilliant, onthegomom. I bet he gave himself a great challenge too. wink

I just blogged about this and my blog is private, so I wanted to share it here;

My 4 year old blows me away sometimes, he is always throwing surprises out there.

He surprised me as a baby because he would smile at people when he was just a couple of months old. I remember one of the mums from my oldest sons school commenting on how he smiled so young and how he smiled every time she looked at him. I would have had to see it to believe it myself, but he really did and it was the cutest thing (and sometimes, it felt a little strange, because he seemed too young to be doing that).

This is the same kid who taught himself to read somewhere between the age of 2.5 and 3 and then one day, just decided to let the rest of the world in on it (much like his older brother).

Today he gave me another one of these nuggets that I'll have to relay to him one day. I was taking a bath in the master bathroom and he came bursting in (because, you know, nothing is sacred), holding a laptop. The laptops are cumbersome and heavy for him and consequently, he isn't allowed to carry them around, so I told him to go put it on my bed, to which he replied "but I want you to get me to Poptropica" (Poptropica is a web game that all my boys like), "I can't do that right now, my hands are wet and I don't want the laptop to get damaged". Off he went to put it on my bed.

A couple of minutes later, he comes back (he had obviously just opened the laptop, booted it up and opened a copy of Firefox) "how do you spell Poptropica?". I kind of giggled to myself at the hilarity of it all, here is my just turned 4 year old asking me how to spell something, so that he can type the URL into the address bar of the laptop that he has just booted up. It was amusing, since he is only four, but he seemed so self assured, that I decided to humor him. I began to spell it out; 'p', 'o', 'p'.... "I already did that part", he said (at this point I'm thinking, "really?"), "I just want to know how to make the 'trr'", (Ok, now I'm really impressed!), "ohh ok, it's 't', 'r'" I reply. He gets the information from me, turns around and heads back into the bedroom thanking me as he goes. As I relax back in the bath trying to comprehend what just happened, I hear "It worked!". I get out of the bath, head through to the bedroom and sure enough, he is sitting on my bed, playing Poptropica!

Total chin on floor moment, I had NO idea he knew how to open a copy of Firefox AND type in a URL AND spell. None at all, I mean, he JUST turned four years old in September!

I really need to watch this child more closely. crazy