Oh, I love the "Genuis at Work" sign, that is just the sweetest. And I love hearing all these stories, I think it just goes to show how amazing kids are and in so many different ways.

My son, a huge Star Wards fan, when he was six, wrote a series of 3 books called "Attack of the Oompazhans." Oompazhans were a creature he made up that played a pivotal role in the battle of the Clones. He worked and worked on those books and I thought it was pretty great.

But a more recent proud moment came when one of the girls in his class, who struggles a bit, called him a "Math Machine." That part isn't so shocking, but the great thing was simply that he turned the compliment around and said "I'm pretty good in math, but you are an amazing draw-er." (apparently he isn't gifted in grammer ;), he meant artist). That made me feel pretty great.