Today DD6' teacher saw me at a faculty meeting (I teach at the same school) and told me that her puppet show was great! So good in fact that she was going to ask the other 2nd grade teachers to let her do it for their classes. laugh
She has been reading Charlotte's Web and made a barn stage and puppets of Fern, Wilbur and Charlotte. As far as I knew that was it - make the project and bring it in. But when the teacher asked DD if she would tell the other kids about her project she went for it! She told them all about the book, why she was doing this project (it is her differentiated reading), who wrote the book, the main characters and the idea of the book. She then made up a puppet show on the spot about her three puppets.
She was so excited to tell me about it after school. It was great to see her so amazed that she could make up stories so quickly and do so well talking infront of the whole class.