I just feel impressed by my DS2.5 today ...must boast about his glueing acumen! I cut animal pieces at his request, he pasted. He made a turkey with a big fanned out feather-tail, probably 30 feathers he put on it, and then a dinosaur complete with femurs and tibias, ribs and a jawbone among the more usual parts (5 legs for example). Seems to me they look like things I did in early elementary school. He refuses to draw (too frustrated at how it turns out) so at first I was just thrilled he was so into an art project. Then I got thrilled that I could frame these things and give them to his grandparents as gifts. Then I got worried they'd think I'd "helped" beyond doing the cutting. That's what they said when I told them about a poem/song he made up a while back, told me I must have made suggestions. Grrr, how could they say that? Say, maybe I'll just keep the art for our wall, there's an idea!