Irish - that is an awesome story about your DD5!

Minnie - love the puns. Adorable.

My brag is about my DD2.75 and the food chain. After a big rainstorm we found a 3 inch potato bug floating in our fountain. DD adores these bugs. But after a full day of carrying it around in a cup, we concluded the bug was indeed dead. The next morning, the potato bug was lying on the patio, swarmed by tiny ants. "Get away, ants! Get away from my potato bug!" DD yelled. She wanted to play with it.

I explained that ants eat dead bugs and were likely very excited to find this big one. DD picked up the bug with a toy shovel and put it in the garden saying, "There you go, ants. Enjoy your bug meal." A drowned slug showed up in the fountain, too, so DD immediately delivered it to the garden, saying, "Here you go, ants! Here is a dead slug for you, too."