DD4.9 recently finished reading Prince Caspian. She recieved a Little House on the Prairie book from a relative and was reading it before bed. Two days later I was cleaning her room and noticed her book mark was on page 204. We asked her if she read it all herself and she said yes and told me she was also reading the Magicians Nefew, CS Lewis. She is really enjoying reading in her room before bed. She is a funny kid she has glasses and her room is always covered in books and papers and random things she has built with legos. She is very confident and one of our friends told us she should be a project manager because she is always telling everyone what needs to be done including the adults! I am really enjoying her personality and seeing her grow.

Also DS2 started sounding out words and reading some small board books. He has started drawing shapes and writing a few letters. Both of the kids are pretty into spiderman this week. DD2 is calling himself Peter Parker and DD4.9 is Mary Jane. The baby has been refered to as Laura lately due to the Little house on the prairie book.