Some of you probably remember my horror stories about how Bear doesn't deal well with new things/change/pretty much everything. Wolf went to his dentist's appointment today and we made Bear watch. He was told he would have to do this sometime. He said very adamantly, several times, "No, I NOT!"

Anyway he wanted a toy out of the chest, but we told him he couldn't get one without getting his teeth checked. That upset him a bit, but he eventually put the toy he'd chosen back. Then much to our surprise he walked over to the chair, climbed up into it and asked for the sunglasses (to keep the light out of their eyes). The hygenist looked at us and asked if we wanted her to do him as well. We just nodded in mute shock, figuring as soon as she touched him it would be over. He sat through the WHOLE process of getting his teeth cleaned, flossed, flouridated and inspected and got to go home with a toy. It was a miracle!!!!