Yesterday we were heading out for dance class with ds9 and dd3.5. She exclaimed that we'd left her bag of cars at Aunt's house!! I told her we could stop by on the way back, and asked her to help me remember when we were going home.
About 5 minutes after we got in the car to drive home, about a 30 minute drive, she reminded me to go to Aunt's to get the cars!! I said, 'Wow, great memory, but I might forget if you don't tell me when we get to the mountain. Can you remind me again?'
The second we turned onto the mountain road, she reminded me again. And we went through the same routine, I asked her to remind me again when we were closer, so just as we were turning onto Aunt's road, which also leads to our house, she did so. I was pretty amazed! Each time I said this I thought, no-way is she going to remind me, and we'll probably get home, she'll realize she doesn't have her cars and I'll have to go back and get them...
Very surprising.

I love the 2, 3 and 4head story!! Too funny!