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Earlier today Bear wanted chips and was allowed to have the last of his dad's. He ate some and then said, "I won't eat them all cause if I do daddy will be sad. I would be sad if someone ate all my chips." He went to try to give the rest to dad, but he was told it was ok to eat them. It was so cute. He's only 2.7 and I thought empathy like that didn't kick in till later?

Also due to Wolf, dad and I being tired of doing Starfall for him, this evening I taught Bear how to use the computer mouse so he could do it himself. He gets a bit frustrated because he has trouble moving it slowly, but for the most part he's doing great!!!

dd is 2.5 and always is telling me things like that. She will tell me that daddy will be sad if she does xxxx and the other day she told him "I'm sorry daddy, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings" when she thought she must have. None of her friends are doing that yet, so I think you are right, it typically doesn't start till later.
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