A couple of funny conversations we've had recently: I went to check on my ds9 as my dd3 was falling asleep. I whispered to her, 'I'm going to check on ds.' She said, 'Does check on mean 'read to'? Because I don't want you to read to him!'.
Ack! She is just a little firecracker!

Ds9 read a short bio of Einstein the other day and I guess he's been thinking about it, because he asked, 'What made him a genius? Can anyone be a genius?'. I thought, oh boy, well, I'm glad you asked that question!!!
It was a great opportunity to talk about having a different kind of brain, but also about working hard to really see what one could do with the gifts one has. I went on at some length and figured I'd probably lost him along the way, but he kept up, asked some follow up questions and sounded really interested. Good thing I've been reading (just a little) on the matter of giftedness!