Ok, my first brag. DS7 who just went back to public school this year. He has been accelerated to thrid grade, and is kind of the new kid. (He did attend this school 1/2 day in K). Normally he is slow to make freinds, and kind of goes with the flow type. He signed up to run for a school leadership position. Postmaster (I have no idea what it means) but he has to run for office in a school wide election (Only thrid graders can run for this position). He had to get 20 signatures supporting this, and will need to make a speach. I thought I had a shy little boy, that found it hard to speak up. Its nice to see him drive this. He went out and found 20 students to sign, many that he didn't know. I can't wait to hear what he wants to speak about. DS17 also has volunteered to help him with the two posters they allow. Its great to see him stepping forward and getting involved.

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