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I was telling my Friend the reason my kids like to read in we have always gotten cosy with them and made it fun. And we have always said if your not tired look at books at bed time. She then told me she did the same. Then, I felt a little bad, and said well it must be their personality too. But again it made me realize what a gift to have such simple pleasures.

Very Wise OTGMom! If we want to be 'politically correct' then we pretend that it is all about what great parents we are, and not about that each child is born their own person (some more so than others, no doubt) I was awfully smug for years, until I realized that it wasn't about me. I don't know how the other moms put up with me! Good news is that you can congratulate your friend for being a responsive parent and giving her child more of what they like, with are reasonable amount of what they need.

Lately a friend explained to me very simply the 'recipe for raising a coordinated child' I smiled and said: 'Great!' but I didn't believe a word of it. I think it is worth is to make the effort, but, well, mostly I think it's sweet when parents who don't know, just don't know.

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