I don't know if this is really a brag, or more of a 'that was weird, right?' kind of thing, but... Recently, I injured my foot and decided to go in to ER and get it x-rayed just to be certain I hadn't broken anything. DH and DS (*just* turned 2) came along and amused themselves wandering around the hospital corridors while I waited to get my foot looked after.

First off, they had to go out to the main lobby to find a juice, and DS was able to navigate back to where they'd left me... DH would just say 'okay, now where do we go?' and follow him. This is in a big, old, labyrinthine city hospital where I'm sure adults get lost all the time.

But what was really freaky was that on another of their wanderings, out of several dozen nondescript, lookalike closed doors they passed, there was ONE place that DS stopped and insisted "Go in there? We go in there?"... at the breastfeeding clinic where I'd taken him twice, at six and eight days of age. Those were the only times he'd been in that building at all, prior to my foot injury. (And yes, the BF clinic's door was closed and it didn't have any pretty pictures or mum-and-baby posters or anything enticing outside). It defies my imagination that he could possibly have remembered the place, but it would be an equally odd coincidence.