DD3 - my ND child (or so I thought)... the following happened at dinner last night:

DD: "I know what 0+2 is".
Me: What?
DD: 2
Me: Uh... (she giggles). What's 0+3?
DD: 3
DH: What's 0+5?
DD: 5
DH: What's 1+2?
DD: 2 (whew - not whew in that way... but, she IS really normal, right?)
DH: No, look 1+2 (holds up 1 finger on one hand and 2 on the other)
DD: Duh, Free (3).

The DUH part cracked me up!

We've (sadly) NEVER really worked on math with her (that's what we get for ASSuming she was the normal one)... apparently we need to start, huh? I know this doesn't equate to genius or even giftedness, but I honestly had NO idea she even understood what the word "plus" meant!