(Trillium, great story.

I was kind of sad when they reclassified Pluto too, until I realized that what we call it doesn't actually change anything. Pluto is still Pluto, regardless of what some committee decided. Now I feel better about it. wink )

-----------> And now for tonight's story...

DD4 just lost a tooth. It had been loose for a while, and her elder brothers have been coaching her on what to expect from a tiny person called the tooth fairy ($2).

We put the tooth into a plastic sandwich bag and told her to put it under her pillow. Her brothers told her that the TF would take the tooth during the night and would leave her some money!

But DD thought about it and she was dubious about this plan. In particular, she couldn't work out how the tooth fairy would know to visit us ("How will she know to come here if the tooth is hiding under my pillow?"). So she thought about it some more and decided to make everything more transparent by taping the plastic sandwich bag to the sliding door that leads to the balcony outside her room. As an extra precaution, she also taped a note to the door (Daddy helped with spelling):


Please come and see my tooth.

Don't forget the 2 dollars.

smile "

We'll definitely be saving this note for, like, ever.