Not sure if this is a brag or a lament (which is pretty typical for parents of gifted kids) . . . This was my morning:

My morning began an hour before we normally get up with my DS18mo screaming in his crib. I ran in (assuming something was very wrong). When he saw me, he smiled and said, "Want breakfast please." Still groggy, I stood there for a minute and he looked at me (like I was stupid) and said nicely, "Now, mommy!" Uh, ok.

While still in the chaos of the am getting ready for school time, my DS4 actually finished earlier than the rest of us so he sat on the couch and began looking at some materials that I have purchased to use in his homeschooling this fall. When the rest of us were finally ready to leave (approx. 30 minutes later), I asked him to put down the book on stories with critical thinking activities (1st-3rd grade). I casually asked, "Did you read one of the stories in that book?" "Was it good?" He told me that he "finished the whole book and the authors thought they were being clever but, actually, they weren't."

I think I'll need to start the caffeine much earlier in the morning to keep up. smile
Mom to DYS-DS6 & DS3