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I was asking DD6 if she wanted e-g-g-s for breakfast yesterday spelling out the word so that DD18months wouldn't understand and want one too instead of the food she was already eating, and when DD6 said yes, DD18mnths chimed in with "Mommy - e-g-g-s " and shook her head yes with a big grin, telling me she wanted some too! She was so pleased with herself it was funny.

Food is such a funny thing!!

I promised Mr W (18mo) chicken and ice cream yesterday on a road trip. He had two thighs and fell asleep. I forgot about the ice cream.

When we arrived at home, he grabbed my hand, took me into the kitchen, asked to be picked up, pointed at the freezer, which I took him to. He opened the freezer door and reached in for the ice cream package.

The ice cream in this case are the vanilla ice cream cone "drumsticks" but this one has the mini-ones in it it which he had not had.

I picked the peanuts off over the sink and then handed it to him.

He took one look at the mini-cone and his face just looked puzzled then he burst into tears and ran off. I then had to explain to him these are the minis and showed him the package. He gave me a smile and took his cone.

This kid is no one's fool.