This is a slightly different type of brag for this thread, but I'm exploding with maternal pride for my DS7: yesterday he passed the swim test at the local pool, which allowed him to go into the deep end and use the slide.

To pass, he had to swim the front crawl continuously for 15 meters (face in the water, with breathing to the side [not front]). He's been talking going down that slide forever, and he'd been working really hard to try to pass. He failed three times in June/July and was scared of failing again, but he didn't give up.

We all cheered for him when the lifeguard on duty said he could go get a deep-end wristband. The other lifeguards all know him and they all cheered and made a big deal of it.

It was one of those moments, you know? I'll still be smiling about it when I'm 85.