DS5 (close enough since he's almost 5) is really into math. I decided to get him a workbook recently since he is so into it and I was asked by his psychologist to "expose him" to more math. So I got him the 2A singapore mathbook. I asked him to go through it from start to finish and not skip all around. I went to look at it a week later and he says "uh oh mom...I just wanted to say that I skipped to excercise 62" He went to the end of the book and did the work. Apparently the book is way to easy for him. I even skipped to different parts of it and showed him word problems involving multiplication and said "look, this one is more difficult" and he read it quickly and answered it. So now he has gone to 2B, which I think is pretty easy for him too. He is really into factors and fractions lately. And when I was so excited that he finally liked a cartoon on TV, I found out it was about Math (cyberchase). LOL. He keeps things interesting.

DD2 talks constantly now in sentences. She corrected my grammer the other day. she saw a boy as we were driving and she said "I see the boy" As we passed I repeated "you see the boy?" and she said "no...I SAW the boy" yikes. Looks like I am in for some fun with her as well. AND she just turned 2 and has recently decided to potty train herself. It's quite bizarre because we haven't been doing anything other then showing her a potty and giving her pullups. In fact, I had been wanting her to hold off until I can potty train her this summer as I will be home with her, but she didn't want to wait. She loves to go on the potty and hates to get wet now (she especially loves to get an m&m each time she goes).