Congrats, Mia! Those are some great scores. I'm so glad the new school is doing much more for your DS.

Elizabeth4, WTG! Already has 40% knowledge of Alegra! I think that was a great move for your DS.

I'll give a quick couple:
*Last week I had DS6 take the free math assessment that a few us got from the Homeschool Coop-- He got 5th grade scores in the numbers strand and high 2nd in both fractions and measurement. This is after learning no new math concepts in over 9 months. I was actually surprised at the measurement score since DS6 has never been formally taught about ounces, gallons, pints, etc. This made me very happy since even without proper math instruction this year he still has maintained a lot of his previous math knowledge.

*The other brag is for me. smile I was told by our district GT coordinator at a district wide-parent meeting last week regarding the schools minimal GT program that I was "making waves" at the district administration level and that I should continue to fight for GT education. Even if it doesn't help DS6--it may help to pave the way for other HG+ children.