I'm feeling like homeschool was the right choice for us today. Two months ago, I removed DS11 from 5th grade PS--he was incredibly unhappy in class with little challenge academically (our district is very rural and it is a poor fit).

Today, he began 8th grade Algebra on Aleks. He completed 6th grade math in little under 6 weeks online on Aleks. I decided to skip him over 7th grade and move him directly into Algebra due to high math Explore test results. We began this morning thinking we can always move back if it doesn't work. But guess what? He loves it! He assessed at 40% knowledge already and thinks it is really fun. Yay!

I just want to say "see?" to our school district who very reluctantly agreed to accelerate him to 7th grade math before I pulled him out. It probably wouldn't have been challenging enough anyway.

Times like this just confirm what you know as a parent, don't they? smile