Holy NWEA MAP growth, Batman!

DS-almost-7, first grade, had his MAP testing over the past week, and I asked him about it today (he had his last one, math, today). I love that the computer screen flashes the score when the kids are done -- DS remembers stuff like that and he happily reports back. laugh

Last spring math: 190 (>99 percentile for Kers, 86-87 percentile for first graders)
This spring math, according to DS: 225!? (>99 percentile for second graders, 97th percentile for third graders, 83-84 percentile for fourth graders!)

Last spring reading: 178 (97 percentile for Kers, 66-68 percentile for first graders)
This spring reading, according to DS: 206 (this one's not as impressive as the math -- >99 percentile for first graders, 90th percentile for second graders)

Assuming he's reporting accurately (he did last year wink ), I'm impressed! Go get 'em, DS! And here I was thinking I should show him some example questions (he wasn't interested and I didn't bother pushing it).

Take *that*, public-school-that-wouldn't-put-him-in-first-grade-math-last-year! mad No wonder he's happier at school this year -- he's actually learning while he's there. Fancy that, learning at school!

I'm a proud mama. cool