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Yesterday I taught art in DS7's first grade classroom and the kids were making a Miro-like image with chalk on black paper. They were supposed to close their eyes and draw a squiggle. It was the most creative thing they had to do all year so I was excited to give the kids the opportunity. My son asked if I wanted to hear his story when he was done. I had just seen someone make a Sponge Bob character so I was very proud when he showed me his abstract spaceship. He said, "Here's my spaceship and I'm here in the cockpit. These are the stars around us and we're going to Mars (he had a big red circle like the one in the Miro picture we had talked about earlier). And now I have to add Mars's gravitational field here in gray." I love getting a glimpse of his thoughts and I wish he had kids in his school he could talk with about the things he likes - other than Star Wars.

That's a great mental picture of the world that he he has. Does he see number and letters in color, too?