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Actually DS6 is a numbers kid above all else--he didn't even get an imagination until he was nearly 5, so it's great to see him writing original stories.

So what's a Quiddler? It sounds like I might need it!

thats pretty cool that the imagination hit later. DS can be highly creative at times, but highly logical and non-creative at others. It will be interesting to see what happens in the years to come. He does like to create his own board games by revising existing board games (like chutes and ladders was transformed to 'dice and chutes' where we use multiple dice with all different numbers and go down ladders and up chutes, etc. there are much more complex rules).

Quiddler is lots of fun. I highly recommend the game. It is kind of like a mixture of scrabble and rummy. You start with three cards each and have to make a word (some cards have 2 letters on them). Then each round you get one more card up to 8 cards. You are allowed to make multiple words. You get points based on the letters used (each have different amount of points) and there are also bonuses for longest word and most words. It is lots of fun, I highly recommend it. You can get it on-line and I have seen it in a few stores as well.