I am not sure if this is a brag or a confession...but DS4 plays Quiddler with DH and I. We play almost every night. DS is the score keeper as well. He beats us quite often...and we don't help him with words because he is too good. He will often give me suggestions with words that are better than mine...and I think I am actually pretty good. We played with a group of friends last weekend (one of which has a PHD in English) and DS won. And we do check his scorekeeping and he is correct. In fact, one time DH started to correct him and then DS explained how DH was wrong...and DS was right. And he adds our cards in his head faster than I do. He will announce how many points I have with my cards before his. It's insane. And then there are the times that he tells us about words that we don't know exist and he looks them up and he is right. Talk about humbling experiences. Word games + Math + DS = Lots of fun