Toddler dancing is one of the great, great joys of life, Austin! (Preschooler dancing is pretty good, too--Chico loves to tango!)

Harpo is turning 8 next week, and has been discussing his celebration with me in some detail (menu, guests, and so on); he's decided he wants Italian food (he specified gamberi, salad, garlic toast, gnocchi, and a cassata torte--gotta hide the cookbooks from that kid!). Groucho (5 nearly 6) was groaning a bit about the food (he's a sausage and mashed potatoes kind of a guy), so Harpo tried to defend his choices by appealing to Chico (3 nearly 4): "what elements do you think constitute an appropriate birthday dinner, Chico?", to which Chico replied, "Selenium?"

They do make me laugh!