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Did DW open it to find out it was raw or knew already? I bet the reaction, if she attempted to crack it open, was priceless! wink wink

He dropped one of the raw ones and saw it break and was fascinated. I am not sure when he moved the raw egg to the boiled ones as he would have to take it out of the foam container and I never saw him take the one he broke out, either. He has been around us cooking since he was 2 mos old so I think he knows which is raw and which is not. Because he does like to sort stuff, I am not sure it was a deliberate practical joke. He is very helpful so maybe he wanted to help mom.

He has been throwing stuff off the patio lately. We stopped him one day. So, his solution was to pull his lego trailer to the end of the patio where we cannot see him directly and he threw most of the 2 and 3 hole legos over board. So, he knows how to be sneaky!

Last night he was dancing around during DWTS. He did a pretty good waltz.