Thanks Lori - haven't read most of this thread yet - though I hear its a cheerful one !! Very cute!!

DS6 antics this weekend: created a StarWars imperial drop ship out of left over cardboard from toilet rolls that the botanical garden left outside for kids to create binoculars from. It consisted of 2 planes shaped out of pieces of cardboard - designed the same way he makes his Legos - one long vertical piece, one smaller horizontal piece - all stapled together. He had cut, stapled and hole punched a design in the wings. The small ship was attached to the larger ship by a long piece of green ribbon - hence forming the "drop ship". Just cracked me up. So much detail out of old cardboard.

This morning - I arrived at the breakfast table to find a "booby trap" created from a Spiderman toy - which is one of those paddles with an elastic and a small red ball on the end. You're supposed to try and trap the ball in a hole on the top of the paddle. He had instead attached the ball to the paper napkin holder on the table - passed the elastic band through a small vertical crack in our table (where you would insert the table extender) - and the paddle was hanging under the table. His father explained this is because they had been reading "Phatom of the Opera" chapter book and had recently reached the part about the Booby Traps.