My 10 year old son and I were reading from the book "An Incomplete Education" and we were looking at the chapter called "Philosophy Made Simplistic." We had both heard of logic, ethics, aesthetics, and metaphysics but I had never heard of epistemology and I asked him if he had heard of it. He said, "ePISTemology? I don't have a clue what that is but that word sounds like it could be the study of what Dad was when Uncle B played that April Fool's joke on him."

He liked reading what the book said about epistemology, especially the part about how do we know something and how do we know that we know it.

After reading some more about philosophy he told me he thought he knew enough staple philosophy words now and quickly threw out a bunch of big sounding words that sounded good but they didn't make a lot of sense and then asked me if I had heard enough circumlocution.

He also liked the word "hypoglossal" from the list of twelve cranial nerves. He said it sounded like a description of some women's lips, only some women's lips appeared to be more "hyper"glossal than "hypo"glossal.

He also liked the Vegus nerve and made some joke about striking it rich.

When I read to him from the 20th Century book "Arriving in freight trains or dilapidated cars or on foot, the men camped..." he interrupted and said "men camped"? Wasn't that Hitler's book?

The dentist was kidding around with him and when he said something about not being sure if he could trust a person with sharp metal objects in her hand, she asked him if he thought she looked like someone he could trust. He said, "Well you Are wearing a mask" and they both joked about what would happen if she walked into the bank with that mask on. By the time the dental appointment was over, the dentist and my son had both told plenty of jokes and he forgot about his fear of dental procedures.

But my biggest brag is that he takes time away from what he wants to do to talk to his adult sister who has been calling him about 10 times a day because she hasn't been able to find a full time job and he somehow makes her feel better when he talks to her. He even let her borrow some of his own money to pay her rent. He told her how she could save money by using coupons and told her how to find them online and she is using coupons now.