We had fun at the gt program 'family night' yesterday evening.

Mainly just fun playing on the floor with dd2 and seeing some things ds8 had done with his group - very cool designs for imaginary creatures which live off the coast of Japan, for one...

Then, I was really floored when the teacher came to me and said she really loved having ds in her class. I mean after getting the indecipherable results from the program progress report, I figured he was doing ok/so-so.
But she was actually like clenching her hands while telling me this - very very enthusiastically speaking about his creativity and his ideas 'are just incredible!'. I mean, ok, I knew that, but I really didn't think anyone else did. It was just very very nice to hear. ( and more than 1/2 the time I think my opinions on it are way skewed, so...)

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