So the topic of density came up tonight. This weekend the boys (DS3 and DS6) were watching a science show on the solar system. One of the graphics shows how Saturn would "float on a lake if there was a lake big enough." So they've been asking about density.

After talking about density a bit, DW did a good practical experiment tonight with oil and water. She had two glasses of about equal amounts and asked the boys which one was more dense. DS6 said water would be on the bottom, it is more dense. (Shows what I know!) Of course he got that right.

Then tonight at bedtime DS3 would talking to DW as they were snuggling in bed and said "Saturn is like the oil" (meaning it floats)

DS3 may or may not be gifted. If he is, it's a different type of gifted than DS6. But I was pretty amazed that he made that association.