Back to bragging... wink

I've been giving DS7 the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) this past week. It's all a walk in the park since I'm not testing above grade level (a choice I find myself regretting AGAIN this year... <eyeroll at self>).

But he and I had both been bracing ourselves for the timed math test. This is not his strong suit. This is the kid who practically broke out in hives when faced with a timed multiplication table test at the beginning of the year. He is deep but not fast, and he really doesn't do well with the pressure of a time limit.

So we got to the timed math portion. Before he took it, I was already consoling myself with "Well, he has done a near-perfect job on everything else on the test. So what if he blows this one subtest? No big deal. We know he's not fast."

HA! grin

The kid had finished all the problems with 3 minutes to spare...out of just *8* minutes total! I'm not sure I could have done it that fast! He did much of it in his head, too, the child I have always said is so visual and always needs to write things down! And unless my math was wrong, I think he got them all right, too!

What an improvement! I'm so proud of how far he's come!

Yay, DS7! Such progress! laugh laugh laugh laugh

Now we just have to persuade his chicken-hearted mom that it's about time for an above-level test... blush
Mom to DS13 and DS10