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We use the white cap handles with the gray tabs broken off along with baby gates and an alarm. We have also put bells on the doors so we know if they get down to the door. After DDs past escapes Im not taking any chances.

DS2 is pretty fast. I would rather let him explore, but the minute his feet hit the ground he is gone. I let him out once a few weeks ago and in just a few seconds he made it across the lobby we were in, hit the elevator button, got in and hit door close. Lucky a lady in the elevator opened it and I got him back. He went back in the stroller. Last week I tried letting him out again and as soon as he hit the ground he ran out of the room across the building hit the handy cap button on the door and ran outside. I caught him right before he got to the street!

You are scaring me!! Mr W wants me to pick him up so he can hit the elevator buttons. The other day I noticed that he could reach the buttons inside the elevator at work when he just stood there and pressed them all.

I can see why parents use a stroller. We are more the vagabond type and just don't like to carry much of anything around. I suppose you either go heavy and take stuff or go real light because you have to chase after them!!