Okay, I have a brag about DD6. There is a very smart little boy in her class that is repeatedly busting her chops. Or at least that's how she sees it! grin

I guess he's always *quizzing* her with math problems and he'll laugh at her if she doesn't know the answer right away. She's really the type of kid that shuts down under this type of aggressive behavior.

So today she decides she's going to give him a math question. She decides to string about 10 multi digit numbers together into a multiplication problem and say it very quickly to see if he can get it. Obviously, most 7 yo won't be able to figure 95*1200*354*9576*99*78564, right? Except, she decides she's going to slip a zero in there so when he doesn't know the answer, she can say Zero! Duh!

So she practices it a few times and laughs and laughs and realizes, she's really going to have this kid on the ropes.

The reason I'm so proud of her, is that after she realizes this, she simply decides she's not going to do it.

I thought that showed amazing maturity and restraint. More restraint than I would have, BTW! I was tired of seeing her downtrodden little face after he hazed her!

Go DD6!!!