My son couldn't walk and could barely pull himself up at that age because of the mild motor learning disability and muscle weakness, but he could communicate very well to me where he wanted to go and what he wanted to look at. He always wanted to know what everything was and he was just such a happy, smiling little baby (once he got over the colic) that he could always find someone to carry him where he wanted to go. He could see things that couldn't be seen as well at walking level so I don't think it bothered him too much that he couldn't walk. I had to do the walking for him for a while but he never needed any help with talking and the talking all the way home sounds familiar and wanting to play with older kids definitely sounds familiar, but all he could do was watch.

His sister took him to a Dave and Busters in Dallas when we last visited her and even though he tells me all the time that he isn't really a kid anymore, he enjoyed it and he wants me to go with him next time.

My former cheerleader daughter was the coordinated kid in my family that could sneak out of the house. She did this once at a babysitter's house when I think she was about 18 months old. When I went to pick her up I found her wandering around by herself in the front yard of the babysitter's house. I immediately found a daycare for her with more people available to keep an eye on her.