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We should meet, my 13 month old could be your 13mth old's twin! We are constantly walking around exploring the world.

No kidding - they can share notes.

Mr W opened the front door last night - it has a latch. Had I not been right there, he would have been gone.

He then spent a while studying the back door which has a knob that is lower than the other doors'.

Last night he saw me set the deadlock to keep him inside and this AM he was trying to turn it when I held him. He was also playing with all the door knobs, but is not tall enough to get the leverage he needs, yet.

I am thinking of getting him some dog tags because he really likes to explore and I fear he will slip away.

Wandering stories - one of my DW's uncles used to wander for hours alone on the ranch her grandparents worked on. He made several 8+ mile trips to other homes nearby when he was just 6. As he got older, those trips would turn longer and longer until he would stay out all night regularly when he was 12. That kind of hardiness is admired still, and most Indians and Cowboys think its ok, but most of us would not think it sane.