I have the sweetest kid in the whole world!!

We were at a basketball game last night for FDS13 waiting for it to start. One of the 4th grade little girls that my DS6 knows from class asked my son why all the kids in our family look different, have different names and why does he have two moms.

My ds6 explained to her about foster kids, that sometimes kids parent couldn't take care of them so he shares his moms with them until their own parents are ready to take them back. He told her sometimes their parents can't ever take care of them. When that happens we go to court and the judge makes them officially his brothers and sisters. Then he told her that he had two moms because everyone knows that moms are best. With so many kids in the house that need good moms, one wouldn't be enough to go around!

God, I love this kid!!
Mom to DS 10, DS 11, DS 13
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