Tonight we took Mr W to "Dave and Busters"

He fussed a lot at the table, so I let him walk around. He made a beeline for the escalators ( he said "escalator") and rode them a few times, then walked around the arcade, studying things and people. We then went back to the table.

He helped himself to my fries, dipping them in ketchup, then ate some hamburger and sipped some tea.

We then rode the escalators some more and played some games. He does not yet have the coordination or strength to play with the older kids, but he tried. He desperately wants to do the things the 2-4 year olds are doing and he desperately wants to play with them, but they see him as a baby.

We then went to the bookstore and he flipped through some magazines.

He later talked to himself all the way home.

There were some kids his age there ( 13m ), but all were in their parents' arms, none exploring or playing at all. Mr W's uniqueness was very apparent in comparison.