That's great. My DS4 is all about math too. Constantly doing calculations. This morning he told me in the car that 1,000 Billion = 1 trillion, and then he proceeded to explain it to me and said "do you get it mom?". Yesterday morning when he found out about the 6 more weeks of winter he sighed and said..."that means that I have 18 more days of preschool before spring" (he goes 3x weekly). It's funny because he buried a frisbee in the snow and wasn't sure where it is because it snowed tons more and his teachers said he had to wait until spring to find it.

Anyhow, DD19mo is talking more and more. We went to the museum this weekend and she went on a carousel ride as well. We saw turtles at the museum. when we got home (20 minutes later) and we were getting out of the car she says to me "horsies, turtles, museum.....AGAIN" She cracks me up. I love how she is talking more (except when she vehemently says no about things.. I am not a fan of that communication).