We thought DSthen3 was holding out on us a year ago when he chipped in with an answer to a maths question to DSthen5 - but he just WOULDN'T do it again once he realised we'd noticed. So we're driving home from an outing on the weekend and DS6 insists on being asked maths questions. DS4 listened quietly for a while and then joined in!!! We weren't imagining it - he really can tell you what 32 plus 7 is! (School will be so exciting for him - he'll learn how to count to ten)

And a DS6 brag - we were at a friend's place yesterday and the bigger kids (5-10) were playing a treasure hunting game. Another friend's 2YO decided to join in, but was bowled over by most of the bigger kids, who didn't even notice him. My lovely boy stopped, went back, took his hand and said "come on, you're on my team - look, can you see something over there". I was so proud of him.