We were at a store today and DD (28 mths) wanted to walk instead of ride in the cart. She gave such a good argument that I gave in with specific instructions about staying with us. I was viewing something on the shelf and out of the corner of my eye I saw DD dart in front of a lady and by the look on her face I assumed she was annoyed. So I got after DD about not being 'rude' which I was quickly corrected by the lady that DD was not rude and had said excuse me before passing in front of her. So the look was shock not annoyance.

And on a cute note: I was watching Sound of Music since it was on TV and one of my favs. They were in the middle of the good night song as the kids went up the stairs right when DD was being put to bed herself. So she decided to act out the scene on her own including going up the stairs like the youngest child. Of course she did not know all the words to the song but she had the melody and some of the main sections all from viewing it once. It was really cute.