LOL! This is why our kids get just stockings from Santa and gifts from us. It's too hard to hide big gifts. This way, if they see what I bought, I can still give everything out.

I feel your pain! smile

Oh, and I was going to post this happy tale a couple of days ago and got busy and forgot...

I was getting an MRI for my migraines, and the place was backed up. Because we're homeschooling, DS7 was with me for the wait. Coming in behind us--also waiting forever--was a Korean War veteran. (So, probably close to 70, right? He was over there in 1950...)

We struck up a conversation with the man, and they started comparing foreign language notes. The guy taught DS some Korean and some Italian. DS taught him Arabic and Spanish. It was just adorable! They continued when I left the waiting area and went into "the tube." By the time I came out 45 minutes later, they were busom buddies! DS had learned the entire naval semaphore code (the one using flags) and was talking about wishing we could see the guy again. And the man was raving about how wonderful DS was to talk to, how smart, how much fun, how lucky I was to have him for a son. They apparently talked the entire time and both had a blast.

Just heartwarming! I was a really proud momma! smile
Mom to DS13 and DS10