This really isn't a brag; more a good gracious, but I didn't think it warranted a new thread.

I have come to discover that I so can not take my 2 yr old with me while shopping for Christmas and really need to find some crazy hiding place b/c she is into everything. I should have known that it would backfire but now she has managed to figure out all the presents so if I do try the Santa tactic with any of those presents I am sure she will be on to it and that much closer to figuring it all out. Looks like she will get one present from Santa (The only one that she has not discovered b/c it was ordered and still sealed in the shipping box) and the rest from mommy and daddy.

It is just so frustrating b/c the typical 2 yr old you can take them with you load up the baskets and distract them with something and all is forgotten.