That is sooo cool Minnie!
Everyone's stories are just amazing and cute!

This might seem minor compared with some of the jaw dropping stuff I've been reading in this thread...

Dd2.5 (getting closer to 2.75 now!) has been rolling along nicely with letter identification, getting a few more under her belt in the last month or so. We were reading an Arthur / D.W. book and she was saying different letters to herself and asking tons of very loud questions so I said, 'can you find D on the page? ' thinking maybe she had a shot at finding the huge capital 'D' in D.W. Maybe she doesn't know that one, but she said yes...rolled her finger across the page and pointed at the little 'd' at the end of the word 'world'. Pretty cool.
(she also enjoys shouting 'V' for bagina - but maybe that belongs under the 'identifying the sexes thread'... whistle )

Ds8 is doing nicely too - nearly all A's on the report card, even in science and I wasn't sure that was going to 'jibe' for him this year. His teach. said he is the 'go-to guy for animal adaptation questions'. That's got to make a mom smile wink