Kriston and (LadybugMom),

You said you had your DS 4.5 checked but was that just for eyesight? I ask this b/c my cousin's little boy was slow with reading (Not saying your DS is slow at all!!!) and being the second child they didn't jump on it. It was not until this summer (right before 2nd grade) after confirming he was not dyslectic and a few other oblivious choices they discovered that his brain was not functioning properly and though he tried to focus on the line his eyes would bounce all over the page. The odd thing is one of my BF has a brother that had the same issue. My cousin's son has been in therapy and since this summer has caught up with his respectable grade and is now a solid 2nd grade reader. From my understanding the issue is a sensory problem that causes the brain to dance the eyes around the page. For the most part children affected with this issue are high energy to the point of ADD/ADHD.

Just food for thought.