He's been really into it the last few months, and the glasses appear to have really helped him. He's been wanting to sound things out for over a year now. That's one of the reasons I worried that there was a problem. A kid who writes words and sounds things out orally, but doesn't like to look at the words on the page? Something's not right there...

His not reading has contributed mightily to my GT denial with him. I am a big believer in letting kids develop as they will--however that is--so I have had major qualms about stepping in on this. I'm fine if he's not GT. (Oh, wouldn't life be easier if he fit in perfectly well with the speed at public school! Ah!)

But he does show many other earmarks of GTness, and I worried about 2E issues. So if he picks up the reading ball and runs with it the way he did with writing, I'll be so relieved! it would make things make so much more sense with him!

Go, DS4, go! laugh
Mom to DS13 and DS10