I had a happy moment tonight: DS4.5 appears to be reading words at last! (That would be dumb to say on any other forum, but I knew you'd all understand!)

The back story: DS4 has been obsessed with stories and has been verbal since he was just a few months old, but he hadn't been able to read. For several reasons, I thought there might be a problem with his eyes or with vision processing, so we saw a developmental optometrist. He confirmed that DS4's vision is "immature" and gave him reading glasses. Things have greatly improved since then.

Well, I was wearing my Junior First Lego League shirt that says "Coach" on the front, and he read it aloud, saying, "That 'o-a' says 'oh,' so that says 'coach,' right?" Yes, he even read something not easy to sound out! I made the shirt away from him and hadn't shown it to him, so I don't think he had heard the word before in relation to the shirt either. I think he really read it!

He read a couple of other words tonight, too, after that, so it just seemed like something had clicked for him. Yay! smile

It would be so nice if reading is for him like writing was: he just gets it all of a sudden. I'd be very relieved if he just outgrew whatever vision or processing issue he had!

Oh, and love the math and poetry! So cool! laugh
Mom to DS13 and DS10