Bursting with joy here!!!!! Miss 7 got her school report on Friday. It was pretty typical for a gifted kid - no effort, little interest and fairly good achievement smile But... I started doing a mums and maths program that teaches mums the primary school maths curriculum. It does so in a way that helps and empowers mums to teach their gifted girls. I've loved it. The facilitator assured me that if I worked with Miss 7 for just 1 hr a week that I would see a noticeable shift in her achievement level in school. And voila! It worked! She's gone from a perfectly average maths student to a high achiever - with maths being her best subject!!! Now that I can see the difference I can make at home, the whole school situation seems less daunting (and far less important!). Just goes to show that you really are your child's first teacher - and for those gifted kids that can't quite get it together in the classroom, you're they're second and third grade teacher too!

Celebrating small steps, jojo