Dottie and Austin, very fun stories!!

And acs, good for your son--that's terrific!

Chico (3) has been printing a lot lately, in fact, it has been his major preoccupation for a couple of weeks (he writes "theme" pages,with one word per line--there's the knight, sword, shield, joust, etc. page, the stethoscope, needle, tongue depressor, medicine, etc. page, and so on--he gets help with spelling from whomever happens to be around when it's a word he hasn't done before). He's been drawing his own horizontal lines on blank sheets to use as ruling, and it's been neat to see how evenly sized and spaced the letters are.

So I was a little taken aback to come across some of these sheets yesterday with most of the letters nice and big and even, with some teeny tiny little ones in several of the words--Frenchie and I had a closer look, and lo, the little monkey had made all the silent letters small!

Kids are so much fun!